The benefits of Culinary-grade Argan Oil.


Argan oil is an amazing golden-hued oil known for its cosmetic and culinary virtues. In spite of its relatively high price, it represents an essential ingredient for many restaurants and cuisines around the world. It has a unique taste and is full of health benefits surpassing other healthy oils such as Avocado oil. Argan oil is obtained from the cold-pressing of the kernels of Argania spinosa tree, growing exclusively in the south East of Morocco.

Cooking uses

Argan oil has been used as an ingredient for both sweet and savoury recipes. Chefs use it as a condiment on vegetables, salads as well as a cooking oil added at the very beginning of cooking or at serving time.

The Taste

Culinary Argan oil has a unique nutty taste resulting from toasting the argan nuts prior to cold pressing them, which gives a creamy and special nutty aroma. To produce one litre of culinary Argan oil, it takes about fifteen hours and around thirty kilos of Argan kernels.

Purchasing Argan oil

Culinary-grade Argan oil is available worldwide. Savvy Remedies Ltd is one of the suppliers of Organic, raw and cold-pressed Argan oil. Under the brand Savvy, the brand offers its clients one of the most freshly pressed Argan oil in the world. We work. With women cooperatives and suppliers that respect strict quality standards from the cultivation of the collection of the kernels to cold-pressing process. We maintain long-term and fair supplier relations to make sure to offer our customers the best products. To buy, please visit our website:


Culinary Argan oil should be stored in a dark-coloured glass bottle and placed in a cool and dark place to maintain its heath properties.

Health benefits

Rich in vitamin E, culinary Argan oil is considered as a precious ingredient, thanks to its wide array of benefits for the general health and also to its unique and tantalizing aroma.

In fact, it helps cure and prevent cardiovascular diseases, heart risk factors as well as inflammatory disorders. What’s more, it does decrease the high level of Cholesterol and reduces the risk of blocked arteries. On the other hand, culinary Argan oil plays a major role in improving blood circulation and lowering the high blood pressure. Besides, it helps strengthen the structure of the bones and facilitates natural digestion. Most importantly, it does boost the immune system and acts as a cancer chemo preventive and anti-proliferative.

In short, when ingested, Culinary Argan oil has six main benefits for the immune system:

1-    It lowers the cholesterol, thanks to its phenolic constituents which inhibit oxidation of the bad cholesterol and stimulates the good one.

2-    It acts as an anti-aging agent, as it is rich in antioxidant that cure and prevent aging skin.

3-    It helps prevent and manage diabetes by decreasing the triglyceride levels in diabetics.

4-    It aids in losing weight by stimulating insulin sensitivity and reducing subcutaneous fat.

5-     It protects against heart disease by acting as an anticoagulant, which prevents heart disease.

6-    It prevents different types of cancer thanks to its high levels of squalene and tocopherols, which inhibit the proliferation of cancer cells.

To sum up, culinary Argan oil can be considered as a complete pharmacy, that health conscious individuals should include in their daily culinary routine, for a healthier and happier life. To purchase Savvy Organic Argan oil, please visit our website and choose the product you like.


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